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Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

How to Create the Best Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

Hannah Montana Rock Star Cake Set by DecoPac
If your daughter loves Hannah Montana then making her the best Hannah Montana cake you possibly can for her birthday will make her day. There are lots of different Hannah Montana cake options that you can choose to make your daughter's day really special from a guitar cake, a star cake or cupcakes.

Hannah Montana is the heroine in a lot of our children's eyes and a cake to pay tribute to a girl who goes to school just like them BUT is also a pop star! Wow that is something really special.

You can make a Hannah Montana cake from scratch using flour and things, or you can use your time more economically (some say cheating, but......) and use a packet cake mix or even just buy a block cake from your local bakers. Your daughter will be impressed whichever option you choose because you have still decorated it yourself and that's what is going to make her cake extra special.

Turning a Slab Cake Into a Hannah Montana Cake - The Easy Way to Impress

One of the simplest ways of creating a Hannah Montana cake when you’re not very good in the kitchen is by using a slab/block cake. Ice it and then add a cake topper. It doesn’t get much easier than that and they look fantastic.

Here are toppers to choose from:-

If you don’t want to use a topper or you just want to add something special then you can use chocolate. Ice the cake as above and then take some white chocolate pieces, food coloring and some candy molds, like these ones -

Melt the white chocolate and add the appropriate food coloring – think of a Hannah Montana color scheme such as pink and purple or turquoise and then pour the chocolate into the appropriate molds and use the chocolate on top of the cake as your own personal toppers.

You can create a cake with guitar, music notes and stars or you could use hearts, butterflies and flowers. If you’re handy with a piping bag you can also add some swirls around the cake and it will look perfect.

Candy molds for decorating a Hannah Montana birthday cake

If you don’t want to use chocolate, never fear you can still decorate your Hannah Montana cake yourself with the help of fondant icing. Buy or make some fondant (I’ve only ever brought it myself). If you’re artistic then you can make models of Hannah and her friends or a guitar and/or microphone. Fondant is basically just like playdoh.

However, if you’re not up to modeling skills you just need to get hold of some cookie cutters, like these here -

After icing your cake, roll out more fondant and using your cookie cutters cut out the design you want. As far as color goes you can break off pieces of fondant, add food coloring and knead it before rolling out to cut OR you can use a paint brush. Mix food coloring with a little water to give it a watercolor look on your pieces of fondant.

Cookie Cutter Tip for Hannah Montana Cookies

Baking A Hannah Montana Cake

Hannah Montana Cake Pans

If you’re baking your Hannah cake (whether using a packet mix or an old family recipe) then you can have fun with using one of these great cake tins.

If you've decided to make the guitar cake then the makers of the cake pan - Wilton - have instructions on how to ice the cake -

How To Ice A Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

I would just change the colors that they choose to your child's favorite Hannah Montana color combinations.

Hannah Montana Cupcakes - The Latest Birthday Cake Craze

Last year my daughter didn’t want to take a big cake into her class instead she requested cupcakes and it seems to be quite a trend to make cupcakes and present them as a birthday cake.

You can use Hannah Montana baking cups and cupcake toppers or you could just decorate each cupcake with stars, butterflies, hearts etc and arrange them on a cake board in the shape of a guitar.

Don't Forget the Candles!

Add some 'normal' birthday cake candles to compliment this Hannah Montana candle and get ready for your little girl to make a wish as she blows out all of her candles......even her Hannah Montana one.

I hope your Hannah Montana birthday cake turns out to be very special whichever idea/s you use.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Barbie Birthday Cake

Gorgeous Barbie Birthday Cakes fit for a Princess

Barbie Doll Birthday Cake
If you’re looking for a Barbie birthday cake or even Barbie cupcakes then you’re in the right place here so put on your oven mitts and let’s get baking.

When people think of a Barbie cake the first thing that generally springs to mind is the cake that has a doll in it, but there are actually a few other ways you can decorate a Barbie cake and we’re going to look at all of them.

Anyone can make a Barbie birthday cake as I show you the easiest ways to decorate a Barbie cake through to harder ways, let’s have a look at some shall we?

I'll begin with the classic Barbie Doll cake, which by the way can be made with any doll, not just a Barbie doll, now I hadn't seen this type of cake until my daughter attended one of her preschool friends third birthday party and that's when I was told just how easy they were to make.....

The Barbie Doll Cake

I’ve included two different videos which show you how to make a ‘traditional’ barbie cake which uses a Barbie doll in the cake and these would work well on a Disney Princess Cake too, you’d just want to use a Disney Princess Barbie doll.

The first video is the one I’d recommend if you’re not very confident with decorating cakes, the second one looks fantastic, but is a lot more involved.

The first Barbie cake that I saw was made by the little girl’s grandmother who used to make them for her daughters as well and she had a special cake pan that she used for her Barbie cake which was like the pan in the Wilton doll cake kit –

Wilton Wonder Mold Kit
The grandmother used a whole doll in her cake though as opposed to the doll pick that comes with this kit.
Now if you’ve watched the videos you’ll know that you don’t actually need a special doll cake pan to make a Barbie cake, but if you do get the Wilton kit it does come with full instructions.
These doll cakes can be turned into Disney princess cakes as well just by using a Disney Princess Barbie doll.

More Barbie Cake Pans

Now the special doll cake pan that enables you to create a wide skirt look for your cake isn’t the only cake pan that you can use to make yourself a cool Barbie cake.

You can also get these following cake pans to help you make a fantastic Barbie cake.

More Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Now you don’t have to use a doll in your cake to produce a fun Barbie cake a far easier option would be just to use an edible Barbie cake topper and these look great as well as being really easy to use. Your child will still think it’s amazing and you won’t have to stay up late stressing on decorating the cake you want to use.

Now make or buy your base cake and then use either frosting or royal icing to cover the cake before gently laying your chosen Barbie edible cake topper on top of the cake, smoothing it out so that it’s nice and smooth.

The one piece of advice I’d give you is to make sure you measure it before getting/making your cake as when I used one for my daughter’s cake I forgot to measure it first which caused a bit of stress and the cake didn’t look as good as it would’ve had I got a slightly bigger sponge!

Barbie Dream House Cake

Use a Barbie Cake Decorating Kit

If the person you're making a Barbie birthday cake for loves their Barbie dollhouse (or wants one) then maybe you'd like to make them a Barbie Dream House Cake.

This does require time, patience and an ability to use a piping bag, but the result is stunning.

Step one in making this house is to purchase the decorating kit below -

DecoPac Barbie Dream House Party Deco Set
The next step is to get a sheet cake which you'll need to ice white. You'll then need to place the Barbie house onto the cake in order to mark out the path and patio.
This kit comes with complete instructions for making the cake up including telling you what tips to use when it comes to adding the details.

The kit itself contains a fold down Barbie house that can be used to play with after the cake is demolished. It also comes with a Barbie and Sequin figurine.

Now if you want to check out the instructions before buying the set then here they are - instructions for Barbie Dream House Cake (this is in a pdf format).

Personally I might try and decorate it differently for example I would color some fondant green and use that to cover my cake. Next I'd take some shredded coconut and mix it with a drop or two of green food coloring and push this into the fondant which creates the look of grass (very simple yet effective method if you need grass for anything).

By keeping it all on one level you wouldn't need to add a patio, but you could take a little bit of fondant and add black food coloring and use this to add a path leading to the door. Alternatively you could use different sweets as cobblestones for a path - which confectionery you choose would depend on where you live and what was available.

To add something extra to the cake you could use little plant pots or trees from toy sets, dolls house sets or train sets.

More Barbie Cake Decorating Sets

As Barbie's been around for so long it's hardly surprising to learn that there are a lot of different Barbie cake decorating sets available for you to use. I've compiled a selection for you to look at here -

Barbie Cupcakes - Who Doesn't Love Cupcakes?

A few years ago now my daughter blindsided me by requesting cupcakes instead of a big cake for her birthday and I must admit cupcakes are a great alternative. There's just something special about having a whole cake to yourself which I think is part of the appeal of cupcakes.

However, if you're holding a birthday party what about the candles, the singing and the cutting of the cake? Well there is a way for your daughter to have cupcakes and a 'proper' cake for her birthday thanks to what are called petite cake toppers.

Below are a couple of Barbie cake toppers that I've sourced for you - one is in the classic Barbie pink and features the blonde Barbie, the second one is in a different shade of pink and features African American Barbie.

When it comes to making the most of these petite cake toppers there are two options (that I can think of that is), one is to use a cake stand or plate of some description and have the petite cake on top with all of the cupcakes underneath. The other idea is to use a fake dummy cake which you can ice. Now add the petite cake on the top of the tiered dummy cake and put the cupcakes on the tiers so that it looks like cupcakes decorating a bigger cake. If you want more detail you could simply add smarties or M&Ms to the sides of the dummy cake to add a polka dot effect before adding the cupcakes.

Decorating Your Barbie Cupcakes

There are lots of ways in which you can decorate you Barbie cupcakes from using Barbie cupcake wrappers and simply white, pink or purple icing on the actual cupcakes to using Barbie edible cupcake toppers or Barbie many decisions!

Check out some of the Barbie cupcake decorations you can get online and see if they help you to decide which ones you want to use (if you do go with a cupcake topper or pick then I'd be using a pink or pink and white cupcake wrapper to help accent the Barbie theme).

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